Fertility Treatments in KL to Boost Pregnancy Success Rate

Fertility treatments have given hope to so many women over the years. Infertility treatment specialists enable a countless number of mothers in Malaysia and beyond to enjoy motherhood.

However, not all infertility treatments are appropriate for all women who would like to conceive. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are visiting a reliable fertility centre in Malaysia. 

You also need to carry out a male fertility test because the problem could be with your partner. This article looks at some of the treatments that will help you to become pregnant. If the issue is with the man, you have to make sure that you carry out a sperm test. 

Every fertility treatment has its pros and cons. What IUI treatment does is very different from what you get from IVF. Therefore, it is essential to understand how each treatment option works when trying to conceive.

For instance, IUI injects the sperm into the uterus to reduce its travel time to the egg. Therefore, IUI cost is lower than IVF because the process is much simpler. 

It would be best if you also thought about the probability of conceiving successfully. Look at the speed at which fertility treatment will help you to become pregnant. That is why it is essential to visit a fertility centre in Malaysia with a proven track record of successful pregnancies. Visit our website for more info!

NaPro Technology 

NaPro Technology — Natural Family Planning & Natural Procreative Technology

This technology has a high success rate among the women who are trying to conceive. The reason is that the procedure attempts to correct the route course of the pregnancy. With targeted fertility monitoring and surgical intervention, the technology produces better results than IVF treatment. 

Besides, almost any woman trying to get pregnant out there can use this technology because most insurance companies cover it. After all, it entails surgical operations. So it would be best if you looked at the involved potential risks and side effects. It may also not be an ideal treatment for a condition like PCOS. 

Vitro Fertilization or IVF Treatment 

This treatment is widespread, and it has helped most women to become pregnant. It entails collecting mature eggs and fertilising them in a lab. What most people worry about is the IVF cost. However, it is an alternative to consider if you are trying to get pregnant with minimal risk. Make sure the fertility clinic has the right equipment like the one used for egg freezing. 

The doctors harvest mature eggs from a woman who wants to become pregnant and fertilise them in a lab. After that, the fertilised egg is inserted into the same woman’s body. The procedure has a cycle that can last for approximately two weeks. Some of the associated expenditure here are the doctor’s consultation fee, egg freezing cost and even surgery. 

IVF/Test Tube Baby: IVF Treatment Cycle | Risks and Sucess Rates

The risks of this process are similar to those that come with surgery. However, it has helped women who are suffering from endometriosis to get pregnant successfully. So many women who have not given birth previously have been able to benefit from this procedure. Make sure you choose a fertility clinic KL specialising in this treatment to carry out this procedure on you. Click here for a free consultation!

Intrauterine Insemination 

The other procedure to ask about as you try to become pregnant is intrauterine insemination. Knowing about it will also help you to make an informed decision. But, again, any endometriosis specialist specialists can advise you on this procedure.

Most doctors prefer this procedure because it is less invasive. The doctor injects sperms in a woman’s body so that it increases the possibility of conceiving. That means that you should spare something for the sperm test cost to make sure that you are served with viable semen. 

This therapy has had a high success rate, especially when you combine it with various fertility drugs. It is a procedure that you need to put into consideration when trying to get pregnant. You can read more about the other techniques that can be used to cure more complex conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome.