Things to Look Out for When Investing in a Bangi Property

It is a challenging task to buy a Bangi new property in Kajang. The process involves you, your family, and various external factors that will influence your decision to buy. Thus, it would help if you calculated your purchasing decision before purchasing a new house in Kajang. Property investment is not just something that you will make because those around you recommend it. You need to do a lot of research about the Semenyih house before you decide to buy.  Set Investment Goals For Your Bangi Property After determining why you should invest in a Bangi semi d for sale, the next thing you should do is to set your goals. The guiding principle to your decision is knowing your aim for the property that you are investing in.  You can use the new Bangi house for sale either as an investment tool or as your stay. There are times where your primary goal is to get a return on your investment. Make sure you know whether you need long term or short-term gains. Any Bangi property developer will be able to advise you, depending on your needs.  Get to understand your risk appetite because the income that properties yield vary from one to another. Besides, there are different kinds of earnings such as future resale, rental income, profits through long term and endeavours from the Bangi new property.  After deciding why, you need to invest in a property, determine your potential/target market. The case still stands whether you are looking for buyers or tenants. As a property investor, you need a clear understanding of the market that you are entering.  The preferences and capabilities of properties vary from one group to another. For example, working professionals will want the convenience of commuting while families wish for the best location for serenity. It is a critical consideration when looking for a Kajang new house project.  Once you know your target audience, you will clearly understand the type of project you should invest in. You will be able to buy the kind of property that will maximize your ROI. It will also help the Kajang developer to come up with the best property investment decisions for your needs.  Location of the Bangi Property The location of the property determines the type of tenants who will rent it. If the house is close to a hospital, you can expect more hospital staff to be your tenants. However, those visiting their friends and family can be your tenants, especially if it is a guest house. Therefore, know the kind of amenities and facilities that are built around the house. It will determine the people who may have an interest in the Bangi house for sale. Visit our website for more details! The Tenants of the Bangi Property Research shows that family tenants tend to be more stable; hence you should target them most when investing in a Bangi new property. These are people you can target comfortably for the long run. You can be sure of getting a steady flow of income from them for an extended period. The government of Malaysia offers so many schemes to become homeowners. Still, there remains a large number of individuals who haven’t aspired to own homes yet. Do take advantage of this situation by offering them comfortable and affordable rental units. Families are the best tenants because they will not want to move around so much. These are people who are very responsible when it comes to renting payment.  What Kind of Kajang Property do you Want?  Single tenants and professionals look for simple types of property. Most of them want a modern lifestyle that has a broad range of facilities. Each property type has its hidden costs that will affect the ROI. Some of these include moving fee for the landed properties, lawn care, repairs and maintenance and other long-term costs. Get to understand all this before you invest in a Kajang new project. 

Fertility Treatments in KL to Boost Pregnancy Success Rate

Fertility treatments have given hope to so many women over the years. Infertility treatment specialists enable a countless number of mothers in Malaysia and beyond to enjoy motherhood. However, not all infertility treatments are appropriate for all women who would like to conceive. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are visiting a reliable fertility centre in Malaysia.  You also need to carry out a male fertility test because the problem could be with your partner. This article looks at some of the treatments that will help you to become pregnant. If the issue is with the man, you have to make sure that you carry out a sperm test.  Every fertility treatment has its pros and cons. What IUI treatment does is very different from what you get from IVF. Therefore, it is essential to understand how each treatment option works when trying to conceive. For instance, IUI injects the sperm into the uterus to reduce its travel time to the egg. Therefore, IUI cost is lower than IVF because the process is much simpler.  It would be best if you also thought about the probability of conceiving successfully. Look at the speed at which fertility treatment will help you to become pregnant. That is why it is essential to visit a fertility centre in Malaysia with a proven track record of successful pregnancies. Visit our website for more info! NaPro Technology  This technology has a high success rate among the women who are trying to conceive. The reason is that the procedure attempts to correct the route course of the pregnancy. With targeted fertility monitoring and surgical intervention, the technology produces better results than IVF treatment.  Besides, almost any woman trying to get pregnant out there can use this technology because most insurance companies cover it. After all, it entails surgical operations. So it would be best if you looked at the involved potential risks and side effects. It may also not be an ideal treatment for a condition like PCOS.  Vitro Fertilization or IVF Treatment  This treatment is widespread, and it has helped most women to become pregnant. It entails collecting mature eggs and fertilising them in a lab. What most people worry about is the IVF cost. However, it is an alternative to consider if you are trying to get pregnant with minimal risk. Make sure the fertility clinic has the right equipment like the one used for egg freezing.  The doctors harvest mature eggs from a woman who wants to become pregnant and fertilise them in a lab. After that, the fertilised egg is inserted into the same woman’s body. The procedure has a cycle that can last for approximately two weeks. Some of the associated expenditure here are the doctor’s consultation fee, egg freezing cost and even surgery.  The risks of this process are similar to those that come with surgery. However, it has helped women who are suffering from endometriosis to get pregnant successfully. So many women who have not given birth previously have been able to benefit from this procedure. Make sure you choose a fertility clinic KL specialising in this treatment to carry out this procedure on you. Click here for a free consultation! Intrauterine Insemination  The other procedure to ask about as you try to become pregnant is intrauterine insemination. Knowing about it will also help you to make an informed decision. But, again, any endometriosis specialist specialists can advise you on this procedure. Most doctors prefer this procedure because it is less invasive. The doctor injects sperms in a woman’s body so that it increases the possibility of conceiving. That means that you should spare something for the sperm test cost to make sure that you are served with viable semen.  This therapy has had a high success rate, especially when you combine it with various fertility drugs. It is a procedure that you need to put into consideration when trying to get pregnant. You can read more about the other techniques that can be used to cure more complex conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome.  

Common Mistakes When Enhancing your Pizza Restaurant in Singapore

At any given time or any other, a new business comes up and new products make their way into the market. One of the businesses that have been coming up so fast over the years has been the best pizza business in Singapore which has proven to be one of the lucrative businesses in recent years. In Singapore for instance, the pizza business has been proven to be one of the businesses that one can engage in and make a kill out of the same due to the party food demand. However, this business is one where success is dependent on so many elements. If you are hoping to get into this business then you need to brace yourself for some kind of encounter with the others as well. However, at the individual level, a person looking to become successful with the business or fast-food delivery in Singapore must be more than willing to do anything to become successful with this business. One of the things you need to avoid is some of the mistakes that people make whenever they are getting into this business or while they are in this business. To your advantage or to help you in this regard, this article takes a look at some of the mistakes that people make with their pizza business. Avoiding these mistakes will help you enhance your business and take it to the next level. Failing to properly gauge the demand for thin crust pizza in your area Just because a few people came asking for the most recommended food to order in your pizzeria or local area does not mean that everyone in your area likes pizza. That is definitely not the case with everyone, the otherwise could be the case. As such, it is very important that you make your plans basing on the realistic demand situation in your area and base your pizza restaurant activities on this demand. If you have to expand, for instance, make sure that such plans have the demand at the centre of them all. Unless you do this, you might find yourself struggling to sell your pizza for simply failing to accurately gauge the pizza demand in your area. Such a situation might be so hard to come out of even if you use a Pizza happy hour as a strategy to attract clients. Getting Into Competitive Market without an Advantage in the Party Food Business An increase in thin-crust pizza demand in one area can lead to many people finding interest in setting up their businesses in such areas. Just like them, you also might find it somehow tempting to put up your pizza venture in such an area. This again is not a very bad idea but if you are not so careful it might cost you a big time. First, one of the mistakes you can ever commit with your business is venturing into congested pizza markets without a competitive advantage for a great pizza deal. Doing this automatically means falling back in the pecking order in this market niche. Thus, if you are to venture into pizza markets, it is very important that you find something that will differentiate your business from the others. If you wish, you can try out combining bbq chicken wings with your pizza. It is only by having a competitive advantage in such a market that you will be able to penetrate the market and succeed.  Taking Your Clients For Granted Pizza has always been the perfect food to celebrate special moments. By offering your clients, the same pizza over a given period of time without seeing any change might naturally make you think that these clients will always be there for your pizza company. A big mistake this is as it constitutes taking your clients for granted which should not be the case. To retain your clients and make them feel appreciated by your food delivery company try and offer them something special and more than what you normally offer them. If possible, try and surprise them once and they will get a sense of belonging in your business. If you are in the Muslim-friendly food catering business in Singapore consider the above information seriously. It contains some of the mistakes that people make whenever they are doing business and by reading the text above you need to completely avoid the mistakes. Doing so will see you take your startup to the next level over a given period of time.

Garis Panduan Untuk Membeli Rumah Pertama Di Malaysia

Membeli rumah boleh menjadi sangat menyeronokkan dan penuh keseronokan tetapi pada masa yang sama ia boleh menjadi mimpi ngeri dan tekanan juga. Kebanyakan orang membeli rumah untuk memulakan keluarga, permulaan yang baru dan mempunyai platform untuk membuat pelaburan di Malaysia. Tetapi, perjalanan membeli rumah boleh menjadi jalan yang beralun jika anda tidak mempunyai pengetahuan yang betul mengenainya. Anda perlulah tips beli rumah pertama jika anda tidak ada pengalaman tentang pembelian rumah. Beli hartanah perlu ada ilmu dan anda hendaklah berhati-hati supaya dapat memiliki rumah sendiri. Sinilah garis panduan tentang beli rumah pertama. 1. Membuat “Research” Sedikit Terlebih Dahulu Idealnya, anda ingin memahami asas-asas harta kediaman di Malaysia seperti pelbagai jenis rumah dan jenis tanah yang ada, jenis pinjaman rumah dan garis panduan pinjaman serta kualiti pemaju yang baik. Anda perlu melawat lokasi tapak rumah yang ingin beli untuk menilai adakah dekat dari tempat kerja ataupun mengikut spesifikasi yang ditetapkan dalam dokumen perjanjian. Anda perlu research dengan bercakap dengan orang-orang yang tinggal di sana supaya anda dapat jawapan yang jujur terhadap soalan anda. 2. Berapa Banyak Duit Yang Anda Perlu Untuk Pembelian Rumah? Secara asanya untuk membeli rumah pertama anda perlukan deposit sebanyak 10% daripada harga rumah. Contohnya jika rumah berharga RM400,000. Anda perlu ada tunai RM40K untuk deposit sahaja. Apabila anda telah menemui rumah mampu milik yang anda suka, anda perlu mengambil kira yuran untuk dokumen perjanjian dan yuran guaman. Jadi, apa anda boleh buat? Anda kena membuat kira-kira sebelum anda membeli sebuah rumah. 3. Evaluasi Diri Anda Anda boleh mula dengan mengira berapa banyak wang tunai yang ada di tangan anda. Jadi, anda boleh menggunakan cara kira loan rumah untuk membantu anda menyediakan bajet yang betul. Kalau anda ingin beli rumah cepat, anda perlu membuat simpanan dan jangan berlebihan guna kad kredit jika anda ada. Selain itu, anda janganlah menjadi debt lovers kerana nanti susah nak bayar ansuran bulanan rumah. Kalkulator loan rumah boleh membantu anda dapat kawal kewangan untuk mengetahui berapa banyak harga hartanah yang boleh anda beli. Mulakan kumpul deposit bermula dari sekarang dan buat keputusan lebih bijak! 4. Mendapatkan Pinjaman Rumah Anda Adakah anda boleh “mampu” untuk membeli harta dan melayakkan pinjaman rumah berdasarkan tahap pendapatan semasa anda? Bagaimana untuk mendapatkan pinjaman perumahan anda diluluskan? Bukan sahaja semak semula dan penstrukturan semula pinjaman sedia ada, tetapi anda perlu tahu cara menghitung nisbah servis hutang (Debt Servising Ratio) sebelum permohonan pinjaman rumah. Pinjaman harta tanah tidak pernah diluluskan terlebih dahulu, jadi memberikan dokumentasi lengkap kepada bank jika anda ingin memohon pinjaman peribadi. Untuk mendapat kelulusan dengan cepat dan kadar faedah rendah, anda perlu membuat pembandingan tentang pakej-pakej daripada institusi kewangan dan bank. Dengan pinjaman islamik, pihak bank melakukan pembelian atas pihak peminjam dan menjual semula harta tersebut dengan harga dan kadar keuntungan yang telah dipersetujui. Jadi, ini bukan “pinjaman” tetapi “pembiayaan”. Apa-apa pun, tengok rate offer yang anda dapat dan bandingkan. Dengan pengeluaran kwsp untuk beli rumah, KWSP akaun 2 adalah salah satu simpanan untuk membiayai pembelian rumah. Oleh itu jika pinjaman perumahan penuh (100%) diperoleh, maksimum yang boleh dikeluarkan adalah sehingga 10% dari harga rumah. Pastikan yang pinjaman anda diberi oleh syarikat yang berlesen ye. Selalunya anda memohon pinjaman beli rumah dengan bank, jadi tak ada masalah sebab bank memang dah berlesen pun. Anda perlulah berwaspada dengan bajet juga kerana anda perlu gunakan wang anda sendiri terlebih dahulu, kemudian baru claim dengan KWSP.

Important Thing You Should Know About The Auction Property In Malaysia

Are you planning to buy a cheap property? In this day, there are many ways you can buy a property than the traditional channel of searching real estate listings. There are a lot of best deals when you purchase an auction property.  Why should you buy an auction property? The reason is instead of purchase a huge amount of buying a new house that not even built; an establish second-hand property is way more ideal at some point. Benefits of buying an auction property Less risk Most of the time, buying a house at auction is less risk than buying through the usual process. The chance you will get cheat will be higher when you buy a property through the online agent. Today, the number of scammer on the internet has been increasing. A lot of people get to cheat and lost a massive amount of money on that. Lower price One of the most appealing benefits of buying a property from the auction is you might have the chance to get below market value property. The price of the property in the auction may be much lower than the comparative property listed in the sub-sales market. You can save a lot of money by getting a below market value property.  Save time Instead of taking part in the developer’s new launch, looking for the best deal, why not try a different way to get the best deal? Instead of studying and participating in the new launch time and energy,  and can be easily redirected to auction property, why not just try to get a lelong property? Purchasing a lelong property will help you to save a lot of time to searches the website one by one or asking the people. How to get the right auction property? Hire expert The one way to ensure you get the right property in the auction is you can hire the expert. You may need an expert to help to bid in the auction if you have no clue about all the bidding process. Hiring an expert can give you the most valuable information, and they also will help you to analyze the value of the auction property Malaysia. Preparation in advance Instead of hiring an expert, you also need to do some preparation before you get in the auction. You need to think of your budget, how much you will spend in this auction to get your ideal property. If you have not enough budget to spend on hiring an expert, then you might need to learn how to bid. You should learn the process of bidding and listen to the recommendation of others. To get the auction property is not just as simple as raising your hand in the auction, there are still many things you need to know. If you think you have no idea of that, then go ahead and start to do some homework right now! Proper checking Before you go to the auction, you have to check the background of the property you eyes on. This is to ensure the house or the building you will buy later will not have any issue after you get in. Make sure the property you are looking is well maintained and does not have any severe ageing problem.

Malaysia’s Copywriting Service

Technology and digital transformation have a big impact on revolutionary changes. Even in the medical field, people have a different point of view and perspective when it comes to their health. Nowadays, they prefer to choose to consult the internet and let it define healthcare. There is a lot of medical creative agency in Malaysia that can cater and provide all updated information. It has been a trend now for medical services needed they are choosing the best digital marketing company that can provide them with the best copywriting service. The main goal is always to give the clients the effective digital communications. It should have clear communication between patients and brands. Creative Healthcare Agency To reach the target audience, a medical writing agency needs to be an expert in increasing brand value and make sure the progress of the world of health. Understanding the mindset of the audience is a must. Also knowing what their needs and beliefs are. In a copywriting agency, it is necessary to enable positive changes in health. This is really important to reach the target people and or influence them. What does it take to be the best? The medical writer in Kuala Lumpur is simply the best. All professionals establish them. They have medical doctors that can give specific details on what they need to inform the target audience. This medical creative agency has marketing designers and specialists that are doing the brainstorming. Team of professionals needs to make it sure to deliver beautiful products and has the best experiences that can always understand the needs of their clients that they treat as their patients. In a copywriting agency, it is also important that it can reach a wide range of target audiences. Not just the one who is browsing through the web but also who are always using mobile phones. This will be very effective to reach customers in the most efficient channel as possible. Healthcare Specialists Writes a Good Content The medical creative agency describes the people behind as healthcare specialists. They call themselves specialists because they all came from the background in the life sciences and most of them have postgraduate qualifications in marketing. So they all got the potential to be good writers in the medical field. They must understand science and medical terms plus a good factor because they had a background in marketing, so definitely they can build brands. Medical write in Kuala Lumpur also ensures the best team behind their success. In this internet-connected world, the healthcare business is really a hit. It needs professionals to write content because most of the adult now is researching healthcare information online. Also, most of them take actions based on the information they discover online. So in order not to put the patients at risk, healthcare specialists are always there to provide true and correct content. Creating content really helps more brands to be known. Being creative and building tactics to help the companies in the medical field is good for them so they can be recognized. This will also help them to grow. The medical creative agency became popular not just in Malaysia but all around the world. Having a powerful communication is a big factor. Offering a full-service healthcare service and the consulting agency will be a success with the help of a great medical creative agency.

What To Do When Looking For Event Space Kuala Lumpur?

There is a common question that people always asking, what need to do when choosing the right event space to hold a successful event seminar. No matter you are planning a birthday party, company gala dinner event, conference or even a room for a training seminar, it is always hard to decide on choosing the event venue. Finding the right venue in KL definitely will help you to convey your message to your target audience more effectively. So, if you are trying to find a perfect place for your event, then try jot down this,  these tips might give you an insight on how to pick the right event space. Matching your purpose To be able to choose the right event venue for your event, it is to take a deep look into your purpose of organizing this event, what type of event you wish to hold. The purpose of doing is helping you to clarify which is the one kind of event space that fit with your event theme. If you are planning to host a company conference, then must require a meeting room that can isolate a smaller group of people under a roof for discussion and asking questions. Then it would be best if you looked for the available meeting room for rent in KL for your event. So, what if you are planning to make a meeting with your business investors and partner under a more private secured environment, then you should look for the private function venue which is comfortable and private enough for your private space for meeting. Doing the presentation for investors and partners under a clean environment served with private refreshments could be a view as mutual respect for both. Checking the price If you are tight in budget, then this tip is important for you. Try to do research and review of the rental fee of event venue Kuala Lumpur. It is no surprise that the cost of event space for rent KL will be a bit higher than in other areas.   So before you book the venue for your event, one thing has to ensure is the price is reasonable for your event, every single cent spending is worth it. To be able to get valuable information, you can go through the specific review sites, which is doing this kind of review. Make an advanced booking Before you really make the reservation of the event venue for your event, there is necessary to make an advanced action of checking the availability of the venue. For instance, if you are planning to hold a huge event which needs a big event space, then make a booking of a function hall may be sound good for your event. The availability of event space could be less, especially during the peak season, it may be hard to find the best event place that you want, so that fix a date and make an advanced action by asking which function hall for rent is available for your event date will help you to secure the space without any incident. Consider the reputation Before making any decision on the event space, the investigative activities of the reputation of the event service is important. Find out how people view on the reputation of the event service. Go through one time the event service background, what they had achieved in the pastime.

Tips for Choosing an Italian Restaurant in KL, Malaysia

When looking for fine dining in Kuala Lumpur, one of the best options that you have is an Italian eating place. There are several options in the market, but you have to make sure that you are getting the best options. Here is a guide on how to choose the best place for your romantic dining in Malaysia. Market Research The first thing is to do market research before you choose the best Italian food place in Malaysia. Ask your family and place whether they have any recommendations for the best Italian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Look for people who have been in these restaurants and ask their reviews. You will not fail to get a perfect place as long as you do your research well. It can also be helpful to read online reviews from past customers. You can check the social media page of the restaurant or visit the official website among other sources. Choose an Authentic Restaurant Authenticity is among the top things to consider when choosing the best place for candle light dinner. Look for an Italian restaurant that serves its customers with authentic food. If it does not, then there is no need to visit such a restaurant. Most fast-food chains do not focus on authenticity, but a classic Italian restaurant will serve you with authentic Italian cuisine. You have to make sure that you get the value for your money whenever you are eating out at the best place for dinner in KL. Italian Restaurants Serve During Specific Hours Would you like to get the best taste of Italy food everywhere you go? Don’t get into those fake restaurants that claim to serve Italian food. It is best to wait for the happy hour promotion from authentic Italian restaurants. A true Italian restaurant will serve the best dishes during these hours. Most hotels that claim to serve Italian cuisine 24/7 could just be setting a tourist trap. Don’t Get Lured In Some hotel staff can be so nice, offer a welcome drink, and have beautiful menus. However, it would be best if you told when you need to keep walking. Most of the places that serve good Italian food are normally fully booked with reservation. Therefore, if you want to book event space in KL from these restaurants, you need to book in advance. It is the only way you will be sure that they will accommodate you. Besides, you will come across several Italians in a restaurant that has genuine traditional cuisine. Pictures in Menu If the menu has no pictures, then it is a definite no. If you need a cocktail bar, you need to have a look at the pictures of what takes place in the bar. However, apart from the pictures of delicious-looking meals, the restaurant should really serve good food. You don’t want a restaurant that plays psychology with the human mind to lure customers. The candle light dinner you see in the pictures should be what you find on the ground when you visit the hotel. The Ambiance Matters A lot While the authenticity and quality of the food matters so much, the best Italian restaurant will have great ambience. Remember, going out to eat is just not the food but also the experience. It explains why most people will prefer a rooftop bar KL. If you are not comfortable with the surrounding, you will not enjoy the food even if it is so delicious. Therefore, pay attention to all these factors if you want to get the best Italian dining experience in KL.

What is the Importance of Sanitizer Malaysia

Importance of Hand Sanitizer in the Workplace Workers or employees use their hands throughout the day at work. May it be holding a pen to sign or write a report, to shake hands with clients, opening doors and cabinets, and typing using the computers? All the things that are done the whole day are done by using their hands. Hands are the parts of the body that is mostly exposed to germs and harmful bacteria. It is said that because of the lack of proper hygiene and hands that are always dirty causes different kinds of illnesses. Study shows that almost 80 per cent of different kinds of infections are transmitted through hands. That is why most of the companies are implementing proper hygiene at work. Besides handwashing, at all times, and maintaining good hygiene and cleanliness, it is important to buy hand sanitizer Malaysia and put this at all times in the pocket or bag. There are times that water and soap are not available anywhere. So to maintain the cleanliness of the hands, it is proper to secure sanitizer at all times. The alcohol free hand sanitizer Malaysia is popular. Many are using this non-alcohol hand sanitizer because they believe that this is safer than alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Advantages of Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Non-Alcohol Sanitizer is an instant germ killer. Less harmful and poisonous, particularly in young children. Non-alcohol sanitizers are not flammable. Buildings and houses are safe compare with the alcohol-based that are flammable and not safe if they fall into the wrong hands. Less irritation of the skin for users of non-alcohol sanitizer. Will not dry skin unlike using alcohol base, which can cause dryness of the skin. How to Maintain Cleanliness inside the Car Cars are also one of the things that need to sanitize always. Cleanliness should also need to keep and maintain inside the car. In Malaysia, it is widespread, and people are always having their car disinfectant spray.  This is one way to disinfect and to stay away from illnesses. Cars are common places that people can catch viruses and bacteria. Nowadays, people are doing all the healthcare precautionary measures before entering their cars. When they came from the office and spend the whole day with their co-workers, it is necessary to disinfect the car first before and after. It is good to disinfect at all times, especially when going home to their respective family. They would not want to be the carrier of any virus and bacteria. Car disinfectants are one of the products that are in demand nowadays. For people who are going to the market or grocery, which has many people around it is their first necessary step to kill the virus and bacteria and to disinfecting car interiors with proper hygiene. When using car disinfectant from Asylea Malaysia, people can prevent the virus from spreading. Some can’t notice or might not believe this but disinfecting the car is one of the important things to do. Cars are prone to all viruses and bacteria and can cause harm and illnesses.

How to Choose The Best Time Internet Package Malaysia?

The internet seems to be everywhere, as access to the internet has become human primary needs. From doing the online shopping to socializing, it has come to the point that there is no pride with being just an analogue person in a digital world. Having a fast internet plan is definitely a must-have these days, but how can you choose from the various Time internet business in Malaysia? Actually, there are several ways that you could break down your options by identifying what types of customer you are and tell you the most suitable plan that fit your needs. These are the steps that will aid you in selecting the best broadband for internet. Tips to Select the Best Internet Service 1. What Speed Do You Need? First and foremost, you need to understand what internet speed, to be precise – bandwidth means so you could choose the appropriate level of service from Time Malaysia. Bandwidth is commonly measured in megabits per second, which is the maximum rate on how fast you can download data from the internet into your devices. In a simple term, the more data-intensive that you do and the more devices you have on the same connection, having more bandwidth would be a better choice for a seamless experience. 2. What Are the Options Available in Your Area? Once you had known what internet speed you need, you could do a little research online to get an idea of which providers serve your area. Even if you already have decided on the types of internet connection for your residential, you absolutely need to make sure that your area is having the Time coverage before you subscribed the plan. Currently, you would not be able to get with the fast speed internet in every part of Malaysia, especially if it is in isolated towns in Sarawak or Sabah. However, in most metro areas like Kuala Lumpur or Selangor, you are likely to have the option of the internet Time fibre optic service. 3. How Much Data Do You Use Per Month? On top of that, most of the internet service providers in Malaysia do not have fibre broadband quotas, allowing you to have unlimited uploads and downloads. However, some of the internet services providers in Malaysia typically capped data usage, which is much cheaper. Therefore, you need to figure out how much data allowance that is suitable to your average usage – type of internet user you are, how many users in your household and so on. Remember that any device, whether it is a tablet, smartphone or game console, these smart devices will contribute to the data usage from TIME WIFI. 4. Check Out for Promotions Often, you will able to find some tempting promotion for the home Broadband that entices first-time customers. Of course, you can find good prices with such deals, but you must ensure that you are ready to either pay for the full price or cancel the services at the end of the promotional period that comes with cancellation fees. What Other Things Should You Consider? Typically, people tend to overlook customer service. It is only when you are encounter network complications, modem problems, and payment inconveniences, that is where you start to see the importance of customer service. Besides, you also need to keep in mind regarding other charges such as early cancellation fees, upgrade, and relocation – these can set you back RM 100 at a time!