What is the Importance of Sanitizer Malaysia

Importance of Hand Sanitizer in the Workplace

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Workers or employees use their hands throughout the day at work. May it be holding a pen to sign or write a report, to shake hands with clients, opening doors and cabinets, and typing using the computers? All the things that are done the whole day are done by using their hands.

Hands are the parts of the body that is mostly exposed to germs and harmful bacteria. It is said that because of the lack of proper hygiene and hands that are always dirty causes different kinds of illnesses. Study shows that almost 80 per cent of different kinds of infections are transmitted through hands.

That is why most of the companies are implementing proper hygiene at work. Besides handwashing, at all times, and maintaining good hygiene and cleanliness, it is important to buy hand sanitizer Malaysia and put this at all times in the pocket or bag.

There are times that water and soap are not available anywhere. So to maintain the cleanliness of the hands, it is proper to secure sanitizer at all times. The alcohol free hand sanitizer Malaysia is popular. Many are using this non-alcohol hand sanitizer because they believe that this is safer than alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Advantages of Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

  • Non-Alcohol Sanitizer is an instant germ killer.
  • Less harmful and poisonous, particularly in young children.
  • Non-alcohol sanitizers are not flammable. Buildings and houses are safe compare with the alcohol-based that are flammable and not safe if they fall into the wrong hands.
  • Less irritation of the skin for users of non-alcohol sanitizer.
  • Will not dry skin unlike using alcohol base, which can cause dryness of the skin.

How to Maintain Cleanliness inside the Car

Cars are also one of the things that need to sanitize always. Cleanliness should also need to keep and maintain inside the car. In Malaysia, it is widespread, and people are always having their car disinfectant spray. 

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This is one way to disinfect and to stay away from illnesses. Cars are common places that people can catch viruses and bacteria. Nowadays, people are doing all the healthcare precautionary measures before entering their cars. When they came from the office and spend the whole day with their co-workers, it is necessary to disinfect the car first before and after. It is good to disinfect at all times, especially when going home to their respective family. They would not want to be the carrier of any virus and bacteria.

Car disinfectants are one of the products that are in demand nowadays. For people who are going to the market or grocery, which has many people around it is their first necessary step to kill the virus and bacteria and to disinfecting car interiors with proper hygiene.

When using car disinfectant from Asylea Malaysia, people can prevent the virus from spreading. Some can’t notice or might not believe this but disinfecting the car is one of the important things to do. Cars are prone to all viruses and bacteria and can cause harm and illnesses.

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