Home Insurance: List of Insurance That You Must Have

Insurance packages Insurance has become part of a human’s life because insurance is able to help transfer the cost of potential loss for a fee which is known as premium. For instance, when a person’s vehicle meets a collision with the other vehicle he or she might not afford the total loss of the repairs, health care, or legal expenses. Home insurance The reason for having home insurance is because to ensure that the home is protected if the home is being damaged or destroyed by fire, lightning, domestic explosion, or another risk. Some homeowner insurance has different requirements which depend on where the home is located. For instance, mountain or hill location is a common area to get a flood, flood insurance is required. The benefits of house insurance are that it will cover the area that you might not expect such as dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, additional living expenses coverage and etc. There are many home content insurance Malaysia to choose, roughly more than 10 insurance companies. Travel insurance While travelling overseas many individuals buy travel insurance afraid of an unexpected event and also travel insurance is affordable compared to other insurance. Family travel insurance covers in case of an accidental injury, sickness, or death when travelling with a family member. The advantages of overseas travel insurance are able to receive high medical coverage where it pays for medical expenses coverage up to RM 300 000, fast claimable and etc. The benefits of having domestic travel insurance are that it is a 24/7 emergency assistance, emergency cash and etc. However, these travel insurance coverage covers many other things such as loss or theft baggage, personal accidents, trip cancellation and etc. Medical insurance Medical insurance is widely used by everyone especially when unexpected health care needs where the insurance is able to protect an individual from the expensive medical cost. The family medical insurance covers stuff such as dental, life, health, dismemberment, accidental death, and many more. When a person purchases a medical plan from the top financial planning service in Malaysia it entitles from using certain privileges based on the medical plan with the use of medical card insurance. Medical indemnity insurance is an agreement in which one party agrees to cover with compensation potential loss, damages, or injury. Medical card for senior citizen Malaysia enjoys a worry-free retirement that special insurance for senior citizens. For instance, senior citizens are able to receive extra death benefits of compensation. 36 critical illness There is about 36 critical illness that will be covered by insurance. These are the few common critical illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, kidney failure, coma and etc. A critical insurance illness plan is financial support when one may be diagnosed with a critical illness. Therefore, it also depends on the severity level of ailment. For instance, the early stage of cancer receives 50% sum assured while the later stage receives 100% sum assured. Life insurance Life insurance is when a person signs a contract with an insurance company to exchange for premium payments. Therefore, the insurance company will provide a lump-sum of payments when a person meets a death. Life insurance is able to provide financial protection for a period of 10 or 20 years. Online life insurance is where an individual is able to purchase insurance online. The benefits are that one may receive an automatic yearly renewal, the flexible sum insured, and most importantly is easy and simple to register online. However, there is no need to worry about which is a trustable insurance company in Malaysia. There is about 10 top insurance company in Malaysia that is very reputable, established, and trustworthy. Investments in insurance An individual should consider well before making an investment insurance plan as many insurance company have many to offer.  For instance, a single premium plan provides a lump-sum of money while regular premium plan payments are either through monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Understanding the risk of investment-linked plans may fluctuate with the unit price. That being said, the unit price fall, value investment falls and unit price rise, value investment rises. Motor insurance Motor insurance is also known as car insurance. This motor insurance from Allianz Malaysia is a type of insurance for vehicles on the road to provide financial protection from any physical damages or injury when a person meets from a traffic collision. Car insurance covers losses or damages to the car by the cause of fire or theft.  However, motorcycle insurance has some similarities like cars but the downside is a loss or damages to the motorcycle caused by natural disasters that are normally not covered. Liability in insurance Public liability is where a person owns a small business in which public liability insurance may help to reduce the risk in the course of doing the business. For instance, when the client steps into the office fall from sitting the office chair after it broke or signage falls on them hence public liability insurance may help to protect from these type of risk. Product liability insurance is when a sum is insured when a third party uses the company’s product which may suffer from damages such as bodily injury when consuming or the usage of a defective product from the company. Professional liability is also known as professional indemnity this is where it protects against the person’s legal liability against paying for his or her own professional negligence in the course of the business. These professionals are usually, lawyers, doctors, engineers and etc.

What Services You Can Find In The Top Pen Test Companies Malaysia

Do you ever hear about the pentester from LGMS Global Malaysia? Who are them? What are they doing? A pentester is a conscientious hacker. They usually will be hired by a company to hack into the company’s system and reveal any exploitable vulnerabilities that might harm the business operation. The top pentester that in the top pen test companies usually will fight on computers. They carve for hours in succession in code, network applications, and other business-critical systems. They will spin from one system to another until they break through the well-known IT security wall Malaysia or confirm that the company’s system is securely configured. Where can you get the pentester? Penetration testers are usually working under these environments, such as internal, freelance, or penetration testing companies. You can get the pentester either from the penetration testing company, and you can also attain this kind of talent from the freelance market. There is a lot of penetration testing service providers available out there that you can get from the internet. Some of them even have their own website and contact on that. You may approach these talents by browsing the different website and compared each other to see which is the best for you. Beside of that, you can also hire the pentester from the pentest company in Malaysia. Sometimes, you will find out that some pentest company called “third-party” maybe they are not the internal departments of the company for which they will perform the pentest. They will outsource the penetration testing services to other enterprises and organization on a project basis. Be caution on all these details when you are looking for the pentest services. Reason for hiring third-party pentester One of the reasons that you should hire the third-party pentester instead of employing an in-house pentester is because they will provide a completely fair and impartial glimpse on your company’s security system. Admittedly, internal employees are closely aware of their security advantages and limitations, but having a new pair of eyes to see things is of great benefit. The third-party runner-up will be able to detect weaknesses in the security system that are ignored and unknown by internal staff. A professional pentester that having the cox certification training Malaysia will respect their job by giving the best and unbiased advice to the company. Any pentester that goes through compromise assessment Malaysia know what they suppose to do, and not suppose to do according to the rule of work ethic. The service of a pentest company The pentester will try to imitate the attacker and break through the security system through the vulnerabilities they found. Once they find the vulnerabilities, they will document them and analyze the security strength to share with you. The pentester who know well in digital forensic Malaysia will determine the parameters of a simulated attack, including targets, vectors, and attack methods. They will simplify all the possible vulnerabilities that exist in your company system and help you to amend them. You also can expect the mobile application penetration testing from a professional pentest company. The professionals from the PCI DSS companies Malaysia will assess your operating system and mapping the application. The pentester who been through the cask training course Malaysia will help you to find the vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection, and unsafe API by analyzing the factors, such as runtime and file system. Since the number of cybercrime cases in Malaysia is increasing rapidly currently, a lot of companies are starting to pay their attention to the pentest service. They usually will hire someone that knows the detail of computer forensic Malaysia. Any pentester has provided the service of forensic Malaysia also very welcome by most of the companies today. Everybody is trying to find some protection for themselves to avoid the hacking attack from a hacker.