Job Portal Malaysia: The 5 Actionable Tip on How To Get Hired Fast

When you have gone on more interviews from the job portal Malaysia than you can count, job interviewing never seem to be an easy task.

With each job interview, you are basically will meet a variety of people, selling yourself and your skills.

Despite whatever permanent job or internship job Malaysia, this could be a huge challenge, especially when you are interviewing for a job would love to get hired for.

Ultimately, the key to having a successful interview is to project your confidence, stay positive, and be able to showcase your interview skills.

With proper and sufficient preparation, you surely will be able to nail the interview and making you an ideal candidate for the company’s next employee.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

First and foremost, it is crucial for you to understand the responsibilities and the work nature of your career along with the market needs.

It would be a wise move for you to review the typical job interview questions that often asked by the employers and practice the answers.

Your answer should be able to emphasize the skills that are most essential to the employer and relevant to the position.

Thus, make sure to review the job listing on the local job website beforehand, make a list of the requirements, and match your experience with the requirements.

2. Develop a Connection with Interviewer

Next, you should try to establish a connection with your interview as you probably could gain some insider information that you will never see on the company official website.

Ultimately, it is all go down in building the rapport and making a personal connection with your interviewer could highly improve your chances of getting hired.

People tend to hire the candidate that they are especially fond of and seem to be a good fit for the company’s culture, even though it is freelance work.

3. Research and Company

If you are planning to be a freelancer in Malaysia, it is recommended for you to do some research about the employers and the industry. This will give you the upper hand as you are well-prepared for the interview.

Besides, you also can do this by tying what you have learned about the company into your responses.

you should find out the information about the company history as much as possible, whether it is the mission and vision, values, staffs, cultures and recent success on its website.

4. Be on Time

Be on time for the interview! In another word, you need to arrive at least ten minutes early.

It also would be better for you to drive to the interview location ahead of time so that you would know exactly where you are going and how long it will take to get there.

Take into account your interview time, so that you could adjust for the local traffic patterns at that time.

Even though you are here to do a part-time job Malaysia, you should always to check your outfit and be calm.

5. Follow up After Interview

After the interview, always follow-up with a thank you note reiterating that you are interested in that position, and this is also applicable for the interview of a freelance job too.

In addition, you too could include any details that you may have forgotten to mention during your interview.

If you are previously being a group interview by multiple people from the same company, send each every one of them a personal thank you note.

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