When to Hire Penetration Testing Firms in Malaysia

Penetration testing by a pentest company in Malaysia is one of the most reliable ways that companies can use to gauge the security of their systems. This is one process that companies need to seriously consider.

Unknown to many people, penetration testing carried out by a top penetration testing company is one process that is so deep, probably more than what many people think. This process, for instance, touches on so many things carried out by the most reputable pen test companies for a variety of purposes. Ask an expert here!

Of importance, though, is the issue of timing, which is crucial to this process. The time at which you choose to carry out this process might make the difference between helpful penetration testing and that which is not. 

If you plan to carry out this process for a source code review, you might want to know when is the right time to carry out this process. Many incidents and times form the best time to carry out a penetration. These incidences will look that at below. 

When Launching Your Company 

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Before getting started with your business, you need to consider the soundness of your security systems integrity using a pentester company. This will give you the guarantee that you have a system in place that will keep you safe from any intruders. Contact us here!

By carrying out this process using top pen test service providers, you will identify weaknesses within your company system, getting the best chance of addressing these issues while it is still early.

After Carrying Out an Upgrade 

Many companies carry out upgrades more regularly, and this is because of so many reasons. However, these upgrades come with their challenges as well. For instance, cyber-criminals take advantage of this situation before these loopholes are sealed using a mobile app or application penetration testing. Read more here!

As such, it is advisable for you to carry out the relevant penetration procedures in discovering any flaws within the system and fixing them well on time. By delaying to carry out this process, you risk putting yourself right into the hands of some of these internet criminals. Get in touch with us!

After Suffering a Cyber Attack 

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Any successful cyber-attack on your company speaks so much about the soundness of your security systems. It just speaks to a sad state of things within your company system.

When such a thing happens, it just speaks to a condition that needs serious addressing and performs well on time. In these situations, urgent addressing by possibly using wireless network penetration Malaysia is needed.

By carrying out this process, you will discover flaws within your system used to access your system. Once you find out these flaws using a web app penetration test in Malaysia, you will be able to fix them on time, making sure such a thing does not happen again in your company. 

If you do not do this, you might register another attack on your systems which might lead to so many losses in the end on your side. As such, it is crucial that you carry out a penetration test using a crest pentest Malaysia after such an incident. 

There are so many times that form the best time to carry out a swift security assessment service using a penetration test process in your company. From the article above, you will find some of the time for as that is the best for you to carry out this process provided with a good company.